Absence Update

Quite simply, the pressures of working two jobs finally became more than I could bear.... I could not keep up with my blogs or my photography... even having time to visit our own sweet animals became elusive!

And so I quit. I left the hospital. I am now only working part-time for the Kansas Turnpike. And that's how I like things to be.

I just returned from an Ohio visit. My beautiful and sweet granddaughter just turned two.... how is that possible? It just seems yesterday that she was born!!!

Leah on the carousel at the Akron Zoo,
with her daddy (my son, Josh)

Today I am going to make strawberry jam.  My cupboard finally became bare of last year's stash, and I'm so very partial to my own canned jam that I cannot stand the taste of boring ole Smucker's from the grocery store!

Our resident Canada geese, right before they finally left and headed north

Right now, I need to head outside and take care of all the animals -- feed the barn cats, let the guineas and chickens out, and then out to feed the horses.

A late update:  No, all of those guinea eggs did NOT hatch.  We finally had to throw them out.  I think they were "scrambled" too many times there in the corner of the coop.

More updates to come.  I know there is lots to catch up on here, and I'm looking forward to it.  Can't wait to begin visiting all of my bloggy friends!  :-)



  1. Blogging sometimes gets to be too much but dummy me has committed to posting EVERY DAY! Used to follow you a long time ago and for some reason it fell off my reader...I'm back! Carla

  2. welcome back!

    glad you were able to do what was needed to be able to bring peace back into your life.

    looking forward to more of you x

  3. Welcome back! Two jobs is too much.

  4. I don't blame you for quitting one of your jobs. So good to hear from you again! I don't even have a good excuse for not blogging - but life gets big sometimes! XXXOOO

  5. Hello Susan ....good to see you again! I'm happy for you...two jobs puts a lot of pressure on you and there's lots of work to do on the farm. I don't know how you did it for so long. Your Grandbaby is no longer a baby...they grow way too fast don't they! I'm glad you got a break to see your family. Too bad about the eggs not hatching...we had 8 eggs divided under two hens and out of that we only got 3 to hatch and one chick died. Now we have 3 hens that are broody (including one that sat on the above said eggs) so that's 3 hens out of commission...sigh. I'm not letting them set on eggs though...maybe later. Have fun making your jam...I bet it's delicious. I made some last year but I moved my plants so I'm not getting many strawberries this year. Anyway enjoy your free time and your farm. Take care.
    Maura :)

  6. You know, sometimes you just have to do whatcha gotta to do get yourself to where you want to be! And if that means quitting one job, then you had to do it to make yourself happy.

    Kudos to you :)

    I can't wait to hopefully see and hear more of you on here!

  7. Welcome back... I took a month off as well. Great to get back into it and seeing you back as well!


  8. and your granddaughter is just the cutest thing!!!

  9. You had a good reason for taking the two jobs and now hopefully that has eased a bit and you can enjoy life a bit more by spending less....glad to see you blogging again. I need to start up myself a bit more also....

  10. I was just thinking of you! Glad you are going to have more time! Life is too short :)
    xo, misha

  11. Congrats on being down to only one job ... well, at least only one job that pays outside money! :) Enjoy all the critters and the little bit of free time.

  12. Good for you! And....I'm partial to your strawberry jam too. Just sayin'. ;-)

  13. Glad you had a great visit, and I'm REALLY glad to hear you're going to slow down a little bit!!!

  14. Catching up with you, Oz Girl. I came through the Kansas turnpike in April after clearing out my mom's house up north. Pickup and a Uhaul trailer. Wish'd I written ahead to see if you were working that day.

    Also, that Peterson Bird guide I received in a giveaway from you has come in most handy. It sits on the endtable looking out the windows to the lake. I've had it out the last few days in a desperate search for a red-beaked, red bodied, black headed beauty who now frequents my feeder. Think of you when I scroll through the pages. Hope all is well.

  15. She is a beauty..I cannot believe she is two! Hope you get some time to yourself now that you just have one job:)