What Were We Thinking?!

Last autumn (before)

Post-straight line winds (after)
February 28th evening

Did we think our cheap little plastic greenhouse
would last longer than one season in a state
known for its crazy winds???

I mean, really.  Derr.

There has been a discussion since last Tuesday
about the possibility of building a REAL
greenhouse on this spot.



  1. Hi girl!! Long time no see. Sorry about your greenhouse and I hope you get that "real" one soon. My son in law built one out of old windows and it was lovely but way too much glass for my cautious wind hating self. We built ours out of old doors and put plexiglass where there use to be glass. The biggest problem is doors don't weather very well but now we're adding tin which only adds to the eclectic factor which works well with my eclectic wind hating self. Can't wait to see what solutions you come up with. MUAH!

  2. Wow - sorry about your greenhouse! After being in the tornado, I am NOT a fan of wind. At.All.

  3. My brother found some corrugated lexan sheets for their greenhouse. It is very lightweight and pretty much indestructible! We know this because we took a sledge hammer to it and the hammer just bounced off. He got it at Hummert which makes and sells parts for greenhouses. Not sure anything will stand up to those straight line Kansas winds though! Sorry you got those! I remember the straight lines that took down all of the telephone poles from Augusta to Wichita along 54. What a sight! Just like dominoes!

  4. I hope someday comes fast for you because I have no doubt you would enjoy a REAL greenhouse immensely! :)

    As for the plastic one...Well, everything has it's time to go. Lol

  5. Wonder if you were to build a berm in front so that the wind went up and over...

  6. Oh, that's such a bummer. So sorry the wind made a mess. Hope you can repair or replace soon!

  7. You live and learn. And in the future when designing or purchasing you will have this to reflect on and use as a gauge!
    Believe me, we have been there, done that :(
    I am having the Flea Market Style magazine giveaway, if you want to come by!
    Have a fab day, Susan!
    xo, misha

    p.s dis you know the word verification is on? Double words!!!

  8. Uh oh! I would LOVE a greehouse...maybe someday. So sorry!