Summer, Already?!

95 degrees today with a stiff 25 -30 mph south wind.  Ouch.  

I cleaned and refreshed everyone's water today -- the horses, the chickens, the guineas..... gave them all fresh, clear, cool water.  I noticed a few of the guineas panting today.  Poor things.

Where has spring gone?  It's only May 8th and we're having record heat.  Tomorrow is supposed to hit 100 degrees!  These are July and August temps here in south central Kansas, not May temps!  There's barely been any spring showers, and so our pond is shrinking rapidly.

The little silt pond (below) shriveled up and disappeared a month ago...

In spite of the heat, the chickens are growing big fast... I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'm afraid one or two of my "pullets" might be roosters in disguise.  A few more weeks should tell.  Especially one of my Rhode Island Reds -- definitely looking like a rooster!  If we end up with 2 or 3 roosters amongst our 8 total chickens, well, you know what that means.  One out of 3 will stay, and that will be the rooster with the best attitude.

 Rhode Island Red by feeder that suspiciously looks like rooster.

 My one Ameraucana in back by the waterer,
with pretty copper and blue-gray feathers.

This would be Sally, a buff orpington who is
my friendliest and most curious chicken.

The hubster has been busy, busy, busy these past few months.  With the arrival of our 8 chickens on April 1st, he quickly got to work building a divider in the chicken coop.  They were moved from their brooder to the coop last weekend, and they've adapted well.  We opened their outside door today to the small fenced run, but they chose to stay inside.  I'm sure the 30 mph winds had something to do with their decision.

He has also installed our new front doors, both the inside door and a new screen door.  We're not done with trim yet (obviously), but boy oh boy do these doors make a huge difference.  Now we can leave the door to the front porch open!

This is the old screen door (above) -- the bottom portion was duct-taped and would flap noisily in the wind.  Poor Trixie Lou was afraid of it.  This door is destined for the junk pile. ( I should have taken a picture of the old doors in place.)

Hubby has also put up an economy greenhouse for me near our gardens.  I'm hoping to utilize it more this fall and next spring.  If the cover doesn't hold up to our Kansas winds, well, at least we have a footprint to build a more sturdy greenhouse in the future.

Small garden from last year in front,
newer and larger garden close to greenhouse, and
new "boxes" to hold manure compost to the left of gardens.

Graveled interior with pavers.
Shelves to be added on either side of pavers.

My Grosso and Provence lavender plants,
soon to be planted in the garden.

Hubby is currently working on a stone border around the front porch -- clematis will be planted at this corner to grow up the lattice.

A quick side note:  A big thank you to Laura of A Simple Happy Life for the maple syrup that I won in her contest .... only one person was supposed to win, but she decided to draw a second name and I was the lucky winner!  So Tom and I got to sample her fresh, homemade maple syrup.  I didn't realize how much I missed the real thing -- ever since I moved here to Kansas, it's been just too expensive to buy real maple syrup.  THANK YOU Laura for sending this most delicious treat to us!

 And finally....

.... CiCi wanted to say "hi" to everyone.... although she's a bit miffed at us right now.  You see, we finally took her to the vet on Thursday to be "fixed", so she's been taking it easy this weekend.  She's been confined to our bedroom, and banned from the bathroom where she enjoys jumping high up to the window.

Here's hoping that everyone is enjoying their spring.... I think the rest of the nation IS having spring, just not us.  :-(


  1. Wow, you have a lot going on. I'm intrigued by your greenhouse. I might have to get one for my wife.
    I love your comment about the necessity of a rooster having a good attitude if they want to survive.

  2. You guys have been busy! All good though. I know it's a great feeling to get a few things accomplished!

  3. It is so fun to get projects done, and it looks as if you have been doing just that! You may need to reinforce the green house, it sounds like your winds are wild! It is to be 80 here today, that us just not good this early in the year.

  4. Just found your blog. Fun to read! From one Oz Girl to another...although I'm in the City of Oz...I'll swing back around to read more!

  5. can you bring hubby here to help get someone else motivated!! all will be beautiful including chickens and Cici resting i hope. LOL!!

  6. Actually, I live up the the KC area...a bit far for drinks!!!

  7. Oh, how I have missed you! Thanks for the *life* update!
    xo, misha

  8. Wow, your hubby is so talented! And as for spring ... we seemed to have lost it to Kansas. The whole week here is supposed to be cold and rainy. Cold and damp enough to wear gloves. Uggg.

    Glad your chickens are growing well!

  9. You've been busy, busy! We've had so much rain not much is getting done...of course the grass is growing nonstop, but it's too muddy to even get the garden in yet. And about those chickens, they're so much fun! Ours are out in the coop now too, and I'm watching closely to make sure they are pullets...tail feathers and possible spurs are closely watched. Anything else that might give away a rooster's identity?! Keep us posted.

  10. Hi Susan!
    Isn't this the most crappy spring you've seen here in Kansas! I'm so sick of wind and cool temperatures. If it's not cold out it's blowing like crazy...sure makes me want to stay in the house all day. I'm getting 'cabin fever' like I used to during the snowy winters of British Columbia! Anyway looks like you've been busy with your new chickens..your coop looks wonderful! I bet your lavender grows really well in the sandy soil. Lucky you! your new little green cute and you'll sure get lots of use out of that next spring. I hope you have a WONDERFUL Friday!
    Maura :)