In the Tornado Zone

Remember this photo from last year?
That's the un-retouched version.  

Here's the version with the contrast adjusted...
so you can see the tornado.
The above tornado was on the KS/OK border on June 7, 2010,
a Monday evening, while we watched from our front porch.

Not a very scary tornado as tornadoes go, 
but it was adrenalin-producing for us.
There were tornadoes all over our area on that day last year.

Today, we are in a "high probability of a tornado" zone.  
 Dr Greg Forbes of The Weather Channel puts us at 8
for high tornado risk, out of a scale of 0-8.

Last year I wasn't working and hubby had just gotten home from work.  This year, we are both working 2nd shift.  Storm activity is supposed to fire up around 2:00 (CT) this afternoon, about the time we are headed to work.

I'm praying that our house is still standing when we get home tonight, that our dogs and horses will be ok tonight, and that the towns around us are safe and sound.

The bulls-eye area is a pretty small and condensed area, from Oklahoma City to Wichita, and we are smack-dab in between those two cities.

Keep us in your thoughts, and let's hope we don't have any repeat monster tornadoes today, like the rest of the U.S. is having.


  1. You'll be in my thoughts. It's supposed to light up here around midnight, which could mean little sleep tonight. :(

  2. Be safe, Susan. I'll keep you & yours in my thoughts and prayers. Our dangerous time for today (in our part of MO) is overnight hours. I would always rather be home to ride out the storm with my family & critters, so I know how you're feeling. Again.. be safe! Hope this time it's not as bad as they are predicting. -Tammy

  3. Please tell us that it passed safely :?

  4. Great pic. I've never seen a live tornado nor do I really want to. We live along the edge of the bullseye.

  5. Recent years have been so bad for scarey...didn't use to be this way...

  6. Oh, Susan, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. We had a tornado touch down within 1/2 mile of us a couple of weeks ago. Scariest thing I've ever experienced. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered from this active tornado season - and I pray you and yours will remain safe. XXXOOO

  7. Wow, all these tornadoes and storms going around lately are just incredible! Just the other day, WE nearly had one touch down on our house-Of course my whole family was on the front porch watching the green sky swirl and the winds whip, but I digress.

    You, your home, and all your wonderful animals are in my thoughts!!

  8. Haven't been here for a while as working stopped blogging and I've changed my blog address. Thinking of you guys and hoping the tornadoes miss you all.

  9. Oh dear, I will be thinking of you and your gang and praying that everyone in this area remains safe.


  10. Still in my thoughts and prayers! Keep hearing scary stories this afternoon and evening. Will be happy to see an update from you when you are able!

  11. Been thinking of you today, Susan! Quite a stormy day across our areas! Be safe!

  12. Wow, that's scary. I hope everything will be okay!!

  13. I have always had a weird fear and fascination for tornados. For example, the movie Twister and those storm chaser shows. I think it is because we don't have them around the Northwest so they seem somewhat mysterious. So scary what mother nature whips up, and nothing we can do. I truly pray everything will be okay for you and your town and family. Stay safe!
    Pony Girl

  14. It's amazing how much better that tornado can be seen with the contrast adjusted. Really cool.

    I sure hope when you got home your house was still there and your animals were fine. The weather has been SO violent and severe this year. It's just nuts!

    Will be keeping you and your hubby in our thoughts, Susan. Be safe.

  15. So scary. Thinking of you.