The Time to Help Someone in Need

Life has a way of constantly reminding us that we have much to be thankful for, and that there is always someone more deserving of help than we ourselves could ever be... in that line of thought, I want to introduce my readers to Micki Kohler.

I have never met Micki ....she is the sister of a very, very good Ohio friend of mine. Micki is a horse lover, like myself and many of my readers, and just over a week ago, she was involved in a horrible, tragic accident.

Please take a minute to watch this very short (1:36) news video... your heart will swell as you learn a little bit more about Micki, and find out just how big HER heart is... my eyes well up with tears every single time I watch this video.

Now, what my heart is compelling me to do, right now, is to help Micki and her family, to the utmost of my ability. You see, I found out from Lisa, Micki's sister, that Micki's husband lost his job recently and they lost their insurance coverage on March 31st. And if you watched the video, you found out that she's the mom of 3 adoptive kids from Poland. Since Micki was riding a horse that someone had recently given her and not one of the therapeutic horses at the center, she's not eligible for worker's compensation coverage in this instance.

As my readers, you know I've been jobless for the past year or so... but I'm a firm believer in the small = big philosophy... that just means all those small donations ADD UP to something big.   I'm putting a "Donate" button in my sidebar so that anyone who wants to contribute a small amount to help Micki, can do so.  I'm starting it off with a $20 donation, and I'm pleading with my readers to donate whatever you can, even if it's only $5.00.  All too well do I know how difficult this economy has made our everyday lives.  Just remember.... every donation adds up to something BIG, not just in dollars, but in a heartfelt outpouring of care, compassion and support for Micki and her family. 

Vail Meadows (in Oregon, Ohio) is sponsoring a benefit auction for Micki on May 15... they are in need of silent auction items, so this is another way you can help. Go to Vail Meadows website and click on "Micki Kohler Benefit Saturday May 15" at the bottom of the web page, to find out more about the benefit.

So I'm appealing to you... pass it on. Let your blog readers know. Tweet it or Facebook it as loud as you can and as often as you can.

And from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Every single one of you.


  1. That is soooo sad. I've known a number of people who've gotten badly injured on horses. I hope she has a full recovery. Thanks for posting this so that we can all help! (I sent a book of horse stories for the benefit auction.)

  2. Wow. It does happen. Last year a good friend of mine was doing a breeding. He failed to hobble the mare, and was kicked in the head. He died instantly. Even though I have been in this business for years, I try to remember every day that these are 1,000 pound-plus animals and to aleays remember ALL safety precautions. But, things do happen.
    I will make a donation, Susan. No problem! My aunt lives in Oregon, Ohio, not far from Vail Meadows! My parents are in Maumee. They may want to attend. I will pass it on.
    And of course,Micki and her family will be in my prayers!
    xo, misha

  3. WOW that is so sad! I cannot believe the amount of horse related accidents as of late... Definitely praying for her recovery and financial relief! I'll look into their auction and see if I can't help there.

  4. Susan,I'm really sorry to hear about your friend's sister. I have a good friend here that is involved with therapeutic horses and she got thrown off a horse some time back. She had a helmut on and escaped with only a broken hand. It was one of the horse that was being trained to a theraperutic horse. It just got spooked for some unknown reason and bucked her off. Health insurance seems to be a hot issue right now especially with so much unemployment.

    I hope Miki recovers to ride again.

    Old Nebraska Dave

  5. My nephew was injured when a horse fell on him and was in a coma for a while. He recovered and although not like he was before we are grateful he wasn't hurt any worse. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
    More than that, you are such a precious woman to be thinking of others when you are experiencing your own hardships. Bless you, Sweetie.

  6. Hi Oz Gal,
    Thank you so much for stopping by...I shall enter you in my Necklace Giveaway and give you the two votes for being both a follower and making a comment.....After reading your heartfelt story, I am also sending on one of my necklaces to go to the silent auction...I do hope that helps in some small, way....Blessings to you for being such an amazing and caring woman...Warm Regards, Cynthia

  7. Hi Susan...I just read your blog (I'm so far behind in reading all my favorites) and I'm so sorry to hear about your friends sister's accident. As soon as my hubby comes in I'm going to show him this and we'll see what we can do to help. This is a wonderful thing that you're doing. Take care.....Maura

  8. Thanks for posting this. So terrible to hear that she isn't eligible for health care.

    'Going to check out the site.