Micki Kohler Update

Update to the update: Micki is now home, and doing better. Her sister said she has recovered mentally about 95%, "it's like one day she came out of her stupor and picked up where she left off", but she does not remember the accident. Micki did, however, say that the accident couldn't have been the horse's fault, that he's a wonderful animal who would never do that without being spooked somehow. She is still experiencing pain from her physical injuries, which are holding her back somewhat, but her mom is there to help her and is her chauffeur when she needs to get somewhere.

Again, thanks to all for all the well wishes and financial support ~ 
it means the world to this family.

Micki is still in the hospital, and going through intensive therapy just so she can deal with daily life once she is back home. She is relearning the basic daily rituals that we take for granted... combing her hair, brushing her teeth, etc. Many times she does not recognize her boys when they come to visit her. The hospital put an alarm on her as she keeps trying to leave the premises, and yet she falls easily as she has no balance. The doctors believe she will recover, however, they have no idea how long it might take.

In the meantime, we can continue to pray for her and her family, and wish them all the best as she recovers. Thanks to all who donated to the family; just over $200 was collected through the Donate button in my sidebar. I'm leaving the button there for anyone who would still like to donate to the family. The healthcare bills for Micki will be staggering as she is spending WEEKS in the hospital.  The family is ever thankful for all who have helped them during this time of need.  Truly, words cannot express their gratitude.

If you missed the post about Micki's accident, please click here.

The benefit held by Vail Meadows Riding Center was May 15. They had a great turnout, and here are some pics taken by Micki's niece, Nicole:

Nicole with Micki's son Daniel

Micki's son Matthew, with his girl Jordan
(aren't they a cute couple?!)

Matthew making his dash out of the arena

Nicole and Micki's son Sebastian at the end of the day, exhausted


  1. Oh your original post on her so saddened me. I'm so glad the benefit turned out so well! Thanks for updating us on her, I will continue to pray for her..

  2. Oh I missed that post. So sorry and praying for them I hope everything will turn out good.

  3. I remember thinking on your original post that a disaster can happen in a split second to anyone, and that one can only hope that there are family, friends and community to help with the recovery. It sounds like Micki has them in spades, and that's such a blessing for her and her family.

  4. My prayers are with her and the family. Thanks for highlighting this.

  5. What a wonderful family and such a sad and difficult time for them. You are a dear person to let us know.

  6. About ten years ago a friend of mine was grooming her sweet gelding, who was safely cross-tied. She had gone to barn before dinner to take of him. When she didn't come back to the house on time, her husband went to check on her.

    Something must have spooked the horse while she was cleaning his feet. He had reared up,the saftey hooks on the cross-ties let go and his hoof came down on her head. She died instantly.
    When her husband found her, the horse had layed down next to her.

    I take precautions each day, to the best of my ability, when being in the barn. I always try to remember that I am working around 1,000 lb livestock. But, accidents happen.

    My friend's husband DID NOT have their horse euthanized. He knew she would not have wanted it!

    Thanks so much for the update and the pics! Susan, could you email me her address, (or the hosp.) so I ca send a card?
    Have a great weekend! xo, misha

  7. very sad - thanks for the update

  8. Still very sad for her family.My prayers for her and the family.