The Queen of WHAT??!

It's time for me to get caught up on everything I should have done on my blog this summer, but haven't!!

So first and foremost, some awards that my fellow bloggers have awarded me... obviously not well deserved, as I did not thank them appropriately when they graciously gave me these awards.

The first award that I have been remiss in recognizing... Linda from "Crone and Bear It" gave me the Queen of Awesome award back in July. JULY?! Can you believe it was that long ago? Hey, at least I kept it on my list of "to-do".

Hey, look at that! A tiara, for lil ole me to wear out here in the stix. The cows will be dumbfounded, as much as the horses I am sure - they've never seen a tiara before. It will look "awesome" with my slippers. Ha!

Of course, there are RULES for this award. *gag* Y'all know me, I don't follow the ole blog rules too well. First, I'm supposed to list 7 awesome things about me - suffice it to say I'm skipping this step. Second, I'm supposed to award this to 7, ok, 5 fellow awesome bloggers that I love.... I don't usually do this either because I'm lazy so busy... but I'm actually going to put forth a little bit of effort this time. Hey, knowing me, it's going to take me the next hour just to list FIVE bloggers. Yeh, I'm slow like that...

The RULES say that I'm supposed to tag the bloggers I award, and they are supposed to link back to me. Welllllll, since I'm so bad at accepting awards and following through on my acceptance speeches, I hardly expect my nominees to follow the rules! Accept your award with a smile, post it on your blog if you want to, and just enjoy its beauty! You are all so deserving of this award. :)

From My Front Porch in the Mountains - I adore Misha's blog. Is it possible for one country gal to be jealous of another?! She has beautiful horses, adorable cats, and sweet, sweet dogs. She makes me want to get even more dogs and cats. Check out Misha's blog and keep an eye out for Miss D - she's about to foal any day now!

Flat Creek Farm - Yes, I know, another "farmie" blog. I can't help it, I just love reading about the adventures of other like-minded rural folk! And Tammy's blog will definitely make you yearn for the country life.

For the Love of Chester - ah yes, a fellow chocolate Lab lover and owner! This is one of Ringo's fav blogs, and I'm forever fighting him for the computer... hence why he's outside right now, so I could get my fair share of time and get caught up on my blog today.

House of Spots - I will always be a dalmatian lover, since my very own first dog was a dal, and my best friend dog too. Even if you're not a dal lover, you just have to check out Kim's blog for her amazing photography. She takes the most beautiful and stunning photos of her dals!

Adventures of the Painted Creek Farm
- Another dog loving girl, like me, with aussies! Do check out Paint Girl's blog when you have a minute, you won't regret it. She has a menagerie of horses, dogs and cats, like we do... but she has goats too. And she has a new mustang love, Chance, who is the cutest thang!

I absolutely love all the above blogs - new friends met through the world of blogging. Such wonderful women, all of them! And Croney, thanks so much for thinking of me when you gave me this award over 2 months ago... and I'm really, really glad we got to meet last week, in person! That was so much fun, and I highly recommend to all my blogger friends: Meet your fellow bloggers whenever you have the opportunity!

Tomorrow, I will thank Misha for her generosity in awarding me the Honest Scrap award.... back in July. What can I say? I'm just oh-so-S.L.O.W.....


  1. Ohhhhhh-thanks Susan! I'm more than sure that Chester and his Dad will think I've gone over the edge when I start sportin' that tiara. Maybe I will just stick it in the back pocket of my jeans-more my style anyway.

    We are way bad at keeping up to the awards too, but I have a little folder on my desktop solely reserved and I dig 'em out as I get the opportunity to share/distribute. I will say that 1 of the awesome things about YOU is how you were unafraid to leave your home to follow your man to Oz Land. Wait a minute-maybe it wasn't all that hard moving there considering what I've heard and seen on your blog.

    Thanks again! We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Now, please go let Ringo in. Maybe he needs his own Facebook page. Hmmmm.....
    Chester and Mom ;0=)

  2. Congrats, and thank you! Susan, I am sooo bad at following up. I have one from back in July also. My, oh my...
    I have good intentions. Does that count? :) Thank you ever so much!! Maybe I'll get caught up too at some point ;-) -Tammy

  3. We need to teach Hubby to share, don't we? Thank you so much for droppin' in and leaving a sweet birthday message. You have a relaxing evening!

  4. Well, if anybody deserves awards, you do. Congrats! :)

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! Eddie, the cat, did not eat George, the bird ... so I guess there are a few things in life that work out like they're supposed to. Can't remember what did happen to George, though. :)

  5. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for the award! The award is my favorite color and too bad I still don't have that Pony Cousins tiara to go with it! You are so great!
    Glad to see you back, missed ya!

  6. Did you have coffee with Cronie? I'm so jealous! Were her shoes on the right feet? She is a doll. Someday, I will have coffee with the Queen!

  7. Hey sweetie! Thanks for the blog mention and the award diddy! Too cool. I want to be the Queen of something...maybe Queen of the muck pile, because I spend so much of my time mucking stalls!
    Miss D is still keeping us waiting. Poor thing is HUGE! Vet was out to check her today. All ok!
    Every morning I run to the barn to check her udder and her v-jay jay :)
    I think she is tired of having her private parts examined!
    I so appreciate your comments, too. You always make me smile!
    Catch ya later, misha

  8. you deserve any awards which come your way!

  9. I can't believe I missed this! I swear, blogger likes to hide posts sometimes. :) Thank you so much...the spotties and I are happy to have such nice followers of our blog! And we think your blog could use some more spots...they would match your wallpaper. Ahem. :)