Family Fun in the Bay Area

After dinner at Pacific Catch, downtown San Francisco
Left to right: My brother and his little girl and wife, me, my sister and her husband

After spending a weekend with my sister in Big Sur, we met my brother and his wife at Pacific Catch in downtown San Francisco. The group you see above virtually filled this tiny little restaurant crammed between other downtown buildings. If you're a seafood fan (I'm not!), then you would love this lil restaurant and its fresh offerings. I opted for the chicken tacos, which were very tasty themselves, along with a glass of rose. Afterwards, we had a passerby take a few family pics; the family pic had the potential to grow as another passerby offered to take the pics so our current picture-taker could join the group. We contemplated the humor of the situation and allowing the "family" group to grow into a dozen or more people, as we were sending these pics to our mother, but then decided against it. We walked across the street to Starbucks and "Sweet Dish", a small candy shop with yummy chocolates and candy I've never seen since my childhood. Four dark chocolates with caramel and marshmallow were $3.15, but the melt in my mouth proved their worth. My husband agreed whole heartedly after I returned home with 3 for him.

Okay, now everyone can see my recent haircut. I hate it.... it keeps wanting to part and I usually retain bangs, so next time at the hairdresser we'll need to remedy this. It's also time to get serious about what goes into my mouth and working out. I think I've gained 15 lbs since my move to Kansas!! ACK!!!!

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