Big Sur and Carmel, California

The cottage I should be living in....

Ok, perhaps not... I certainly couldn't afford it! But it definitely speaks to my heart. The cottages in Carmel are gorgeous and that's an understatement. My sister and I stayed at the Big Sur River Inn, but since the temps were quite chilly, we decided against hiking and drove the 26 miles north to Carmel for some shopping and lunch. What a great day we had!

So many interesting people in Carmel and even more interesting dogs, as this is a dog-friendly town. Check out Doris Day's Cypress Inn, one of the most dog-friendly inns I've ever seen. We ate lunch at the Casanova Restaurant... we almost didn't, but we're so glad we did! Outstanding to-die-for food and luscious ambiance in eclectic cottage decor with a long and interesting history to boot! The red house wine was absolutely delicious and oh-so-smooth on your palate. My sister asked for the name of it -- Protocolo, from Spain. I ordered a chicken dish with garlic and herbs marinated in a merlot wine sauce. Oh my, just thinking about it makes me want it again!!! Yum, yum, yum!!

Casanova Restaurant, Carmel

One of the most interesting dogs was a greyhound and border collie mix. He had the black and white longer fur of a border collie with the regal bone structure and walk of a greyhound. He was most unique and quite beautiful! There were dogs, dogs everywhere... labs were common, as were the smaller frou-frou types. Many restaurants had outdoor courtyard areas that welcomed pets, with water bowls and treats for the animals. I would love to go back someday and stay at the Cypress Inn with Trixie, it would be such fun.

The Big Sur River Inn was gorgeous and fun also, even though it was just too darned cold to sit outside in the river. We still had fun in the evening, meeting new people in the restaurant and in the morning, drinking coffee while reading our books. All in all, a lovely weekend in northern California.

On the creek at Big Sur River Inn

Sis showing off her "booty-lishus"

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  1. Oh my! what a cottage.....that is what I want! Check out Lake Morton, (Lakeland, FL) I want to move there, also DaisyCottage blog spot! I saw it in person, its adorable! Ok, i have to check out more of your posts!
    Stay sweet jackie