Still Stuck in Ohio

May 2008

Ok, this ridiculous housing market is keeping me in OH land when I want to be in OZ land. I guess the difference between the letter "H" and the letter "Z" hasn't been noted by any powers-that-be. I'm sure my house will eventually sell, and hopefully to my neighbors so her mom can live next door to them. But of course she's trying to sell her house too, hence the problem. I feel like my future life is "on hold". I'm still stuck at the same dreadful job with the same evil boss (caught him trying to set-up spy controls on mine and a co-worker's email today). I feel like I've had one foot out the door at work for the past few months, but with no concrete move date in sight my foot could be dangling for a few more months!!

Tom was here the weekend before last and we had a wonderful time with family and friends, but it was all too fast and short. I'm going there June 7 thru June 10, which I'm excited about.

So at this point in time, this explains why this particular blog doesn't have very many entries. I haven't moved to OZ Land .... yet!!!

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