On Moving to Oz Land

Soon-to-be-gone-forever Ohio house

Here I am, a life-long Ohio girl, ready to move to Kansas and start my new life! I'm getting married next week (March 14) and my house is in the process of being sold to my neighbors for their mother in Kentucky, so it's just a matter of time before I move to Kansas permanently!!!

Adventures and fun are sure to follow. With 3 horses, 1 dog and 3 cats already on the premises, plus MY 2 dogs and cat, we've got mucho animal responsibility right off the bat! But with 27 acres, there's plenty of room for more, and I'm sure more will find their way to us.

With nothing but blue sky above and wheat fields and pastureland for miles around us, I'm hungry for the country quiet, and the chance to remove myself from the city chaos. I'm excited to have this opportunity to live in a rural paradise, and even more excited to eventually share our humble dirt road with friends and family who come to visit.

I'll be updating my blog often, to give everyone a taste of the country life -- both when it's a bowl of cherries and when I trip over a horse pie.

Our sliver of paradise in Kansas

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