Day One ~ The Whole30 with Oz Girl

So my first day has been uneventful thus far. I will admit that I let some of my dietary favorites go days ago, so that today didn't feel like a very depriving day.

My last glass of milk was Friday evening. The milk was now gone, no need to buy more with my Whole30 looming.

I continued to put half-n-half into my coffee right up through Sunday morning. I do so love my creamy coffee. And yet today's cuppa of black joe wasn't the end of the world, or even awful. It was just different.

And sometimes we're so unaccustomed to different
that we don't want to accept it. 

I'm willing to accept different for 30 days, and see where I'm at when the end of that 30 days rolls around.

Tom-boy and I went shopping this morning for a few grocery items.  He needed lunch items - I needed paleo Whole30 items. Of course I didn't find everything I needed at our local Walmart or Dillon's.  I plan to go to a few health food stores in Wichita later this week to source some other items, e.g., pastured meat.

Some items can be found online, such as the unsweetened shredded coconut and coconut aminos that I needed. Every bag of shredded coconut in the store was sweetened - for shame!

For lunch today I made Tessemae's Buffalo Chicken Meatballs.  Pretty yummy stuff!  I found ground chicken marked down in price as the expiration date was 4 days away, so I bought two rolls - one to use now, the other to freeze. I wasn't happy with the brand (Tyson) since they are a mega-industrial supplier. I'll look for a better local supply at one of the Wichita health food stores later.

I also used Frank's RedHot Sauce because it's what I had on hand and I didn't see any major offenders on the ingredient label. However, I would like to try the Tessemae's brand of dressings at some point in the future and will look for that brand in Wichita.

I ate an apple while I packed Tom-boy's lunch for work.  I won't lie - it's very difficult to put Ruffles into a baggie for him and not eat even one, especially when one is very hungry (hence the apple!)  But I succeeded, and I pat myself on the back for that.

While I'm on that subject, let me just say having another person in the house who is NOT doing the Whole30 adds another layer of difficulty for me.  There are items in the house that I will need to exercise the very upper limits of self-control NOT to eat.  For example, there is a candy dish with bite-size Butterfingers, Almond Joy, Nestle Crunch, etc.

Butterfingers are my #1 fav but they will not win.

I can't just cleanse the house of "bad" foods but instead I must be ever-vigilant not to let sugar or grain ruin what I'm trying to accomplish here!

I know this first week will be the hardest. My body is going to rebel when it's not getting its sugar or grain fix, and so I may not be the happiest camper right now but I know the pay-off will come if I just give it time.  It's not much different than a drug addict trying to quit his drugs, or a smoker trying to quit cigarettes -- I'm giving up things my body is most likely addicted to, so this WILL be tough.

I am determined to succeed,
to stick with this for the duration.

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If any of you have tried the Whole30 before, or if anyone is doing this right now, please let me know.  I would love to know your strategy and how you're succeeding!


  1. I get most of our grass fed meat at farmers markets on Saturday mornings or yoder meats!

  2. I'm thrilled that you are undertaking this, and wish you all of the success and fun that you will need. It's a big step to go there, but it will be worth it I am might even inspire me to do this.

    Can you use Coconut milk in your coffee? My Dad, [who is super picky] uses a frozen coconut creamer, and he likes it.


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