2013 ~ New Year, New Ideas

So I've been thinking about what I hope to accomplish in this next year, and decided that a blog post summary might help keep me true to myself... instead of having this jumbled up mess of ideas in my disorganized brain.

All that being said, here's my list of ideas, wishes, hopes and dreams.  If I'm feeling generous with myself, I'll revisit this list at the end of the year and see what I've accomplished!

Side note: Many thanks to my fellow blogger and friend, Misty, for this idea.  I'm not as aggressive and motivated as her however, so I'll try to keep my list short.  I've also broken down my list into sub-categories, which will be easier for me to track and then hopefully attain my goals!

On a Personal Note

  1. Continue my weight loss journey. I'm down 10 lbs since October, and I'm gearing up to lose another 10 lbs. in the next 2 months.  Goal:  a svelte, new me + oodles of energy.
  2. Also continue my debt reduction journey.  This one's harder, but I HAVE made progress since I began this trip in early 2011.  I remind myself daily that I want the peace of mind this completed journey will bring me.
  3. Return to my photo-snapping self.  This entails learning more about my camera, utilizing what I learn, and doing more with the resulting photos -- for example, sending some of my top photos to Kansas magazine.
  4. Blog redesign.  This one is essential for many reasons.

Travel Goals

  1. 5 year anniversary trip to Hawaii in March.  When we married in 2008, we said we would take this trip.  We've never vacationed together so this will be an epic event for both of us!
  2. At least 2 trips to Ohio to see my granddaughter, Leah, and my son and daughter-in-law.
  3. A trip to California (San Francisco and north CA) to see my sister, brother and mother.
  4. Reaching out there on this one..... a return trip to Yellowstone. I haven't been there in over 10 years.  Yellowstone touched me deeply and I visited 3 or 4 times in my younger days.  I would love to visit again with my husband.  Sending a shout-out and thanks to Misty for reminding me of my love for Yellowstone!
House/Property Renovation Goals
  1. Finish trim work in kitchen, and begin living room renovation.  That's all I'm going to hope to accomplish over the next year, because it takes us a L.O.N.G. time to get these things done, since we both work mucho days at our jobs.
  2. Purchase panels for round pen, so we can work with our horses more.  Getting Paintboy more refined and back under saddle and also getting ME back in that saddle would be the best ever.  I would love to go on a trail ride with my hubby someday!!
Long Range Dreams
(which could change with a slight breeze... these are truly DREAMS)
  1. Australian Shepherd Rescue, dedicated to Tori Mae's memory.  This one would require LOTS of thought, research and discussion.  But we have the room (27 acres) to do something like this, and we both think it would be really, really, REALLY cool.
  2. Add a full bathroom onto our house, with a real, genuine bathtub.  Oh, how I miss my bath! (We only have a shower.)
  3. While we're adding that bathroom, let's go ahead and add a wrap-around porch, and a limestone patio on the east side -- a divine spot to sit with a cup of joe and watch the glorious Kansas sunrise.
How about you?  
Is there anything you're thinking of changing up in 2013?


  1. These sound like fantastic goals. Congratulations on your weight loss so far. I need to lose a few pounds myself. My main goal for 2013 is to clean out clutter. I have lots and lots of stuff that is just collecting dust.

  2. I'm always impressed at how similar we and our lives are! Glad you took the time to do this :-)
    Oh, and we need to find more time to talk this year too :-)

  3. My goals for this year is to finish those started projects from last year .... or the year before .... or the year before that. It seems that time just has a way slipping into the future. Yeah, I know it's stolen from the lyrics from a old song. So far I'm starting out with good energy by working on the three year old project of food storage room. I've accomplished electrical wiring, insulating and dry walling and am now down to building the last wall with the door in it. The bones of the wall are completed and the door is hung in the opening. All that needs to be finished is the insulated of this wall and drywall to cover up the insulation. Oh, my word, I might just have the first project completed before the end of the week. Nice!!

    Have a great day and enjoy the vacation planning.

  4. Good luck on all of your goals, Ms. Susan. Mom would like to do over the downstairs bathroom - it looks quite "dated" whatever that means. Other'n that, my PUs have FINALLY gotten this house to where they wanted it to be over 20 yrs. ago when they bought it. Now they've decided that it's way more house than they need and if'n they could find a smaller house with a bit more ground - they'd move in a heartbeat. BUT it would have to be just THE right place.

    You have my sympathies about Tori Mae....I didn't know she had passed on.I've been blog absent a lot over the last few months with other priorities. I hope Ringo is still goin' strong and still huntin' froggehs around his pond.

    Woofs and slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  5. I like the wrap around porch/bathroom plans and Yellowstone sounds like a future vacation for all of us.

  6. Great goals! Hope everything falls into place so you can make them happen!

  7. Well I'll be jealous, but look forward to seeing your Hawaii and San Fran pics when you go there.

    No big 2013 changes, just moving day to day to keep pace with our little crew.