February Country Giveaway ~ $25 Gift Card

Ahhh, I'm late to my own show, once again......!!

Here it is, the February Country Giveaway.  Simply leave a comment on this post to win a $25 gift card to Tractor Supply!

The giveaway is open through February 25th, midnight PST, to family and friends alike.  If you don't have a Blogger account, please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in your comment if you are the winner.

If you don't have a Tractor Supply store in your area, you have one of two choices.  The winner can still choose the Tractor Supply gift card if you want to order from their website.  Or, if you have a different farm & home store locally, such as Orscheln's, or Atwood's, just let me know and I can get your gift card from one of those stores.

I love our Tractor Supply stores.  We get Purina senior horse feed for Murphy from Tractor Supply, along with some sweet feed and oats for the other horses, and our chicken food and supplies too.  It's always fun to browse when we have time, to see what's new or what surprises might be marked down at a super buy!

Tell me - what would you buy with your $25 gift card to Tractor Supply?  Would this gift card help you with your monthly feed purchases, or would you treat yourself to something special?

On a side note:  I discovered a long-forgotten Zazzle store that I had created when I still lived in Ohio.  It was my first Zazzle store, and as such, I felt my efforts were more um, shall we say, elementary?  And yet, I find it interesting to see what my first tentative designs were using my photography with a much cheaper Fujifilm camera.

You can see my first store here.  I think I've decided to keep it and grow it more.  What was even more surprising - I have earnings at this store!  I didn't realize this because I had an old email (long discontinued) linked to this Zazzle store, so I wasn't getting any notifications.

I know, it's not as exciting for anyone else, but it was pretty exciting to me.  I'm rather simple like that sometimes.  :-)

Wishing y'all a wonderful, fun-filled February weekend!  Stay warm!!!


  1. I hope you enjoyed the snow. Also hope you are getting some rest between working two jobs and the the home front. Miss our talks.
    So here is my entry for the Feb. give away. I just got home from TS. got cubes for the cows, scratch for the chickens, sweet feed for the jacks. Got the dog food at another store. My sister is always grateful for the help.
    you know how to reach me, if not here it is:
    Chat later.

  2. Here is my entry for Feb. in hopes that $25 gift card can be put towards a new firewall in the woodburner, yep keeps me toasty warm on these cold Ohio nights.

  3. I love Tractor Supply stores - we make a list for the larger town about 90 miles away - where we go to those larger stores... I would put it towards something for my summer horseback riding - time to replace the saddle blankets!

  4. We don't have Tractor Supply, but we do have Intermountain Farmers (IFA) and I love to go there. If I won, I'd pick up horse treats (for horses along my walking route)or a hat, or definitely jeans there!

    Love your first Zazzle store. Cute items there!

  5. That old Zazzle store was just like finding money in an old coat pocket, eh?

  6. I'm not sure what I would buy yet from Tractor Supply, but I know I could find something!

  7. Congrats on the Zazzle account! Serendipity! I am gonna go look at it--just for fun! :)

    I would love the gift card! I usually go to Orchelin's. Love to get the galvanized metal buckets and trash cans and such there. Also, the vet wrap (used for horses and dogs) is great and much less expensive than the same stuff made for humans! I haven't seen a Tractor Supply around here...but when we visit Wichita in the spring I can certainly make a trip to one then! :)

  8. Since I used to have horses and live in the country I follow your blog. I love it and have given you an award, stop by my PBDesigns blog and see. :)

    I would also love the gift card so this is an entry for that too.we have no Tractor supply store but I would go online and get some horse treats for my friend's horse. ♥ Debb calcrochetnut@msn.com

  9. We don't have other 'common' stores, but we're in farm country, so we DO TSC AND Orchelin's in the "city" (I use that term lightly) where I work! LOL No Kohl's, Best Buy, or Office Max, but we've got three farm stores. haha!

    Since we have a farm, Hubs and I are always needing stuff from there!

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