A Weed By Any Other Name

Driving along our back country roads, this is what you'll see this time of year.... a glorious profusion of yellow flowers.  Or weeds.  I think the county calls them "weeds".

They proliferate in dry weather, of which we've had an abundance this year.
Personally, I think they make our dirt roads look very picturesque and beautiful.

Weed, or flower?
It's just a name, a designation.
I call them flowers.

They are like mini-sunflowers, so to me,
they are happy,
waving in the breeze to passers-by,
smiling at everyone.  

Maybe even thumbing their noses
(do they have noses??!)
at our county workers.

Backlit by the morning sun.
Beautiful, don't you think?


  1. There's a lot of things that I think of as flowers that people think of as weeds. These sunflowers are one...morning glories are another. I let my back yard go wild one summer just to find out what wildflowers grew naturally there. The weeds killed a section of my yard, but I still don't regret it. A lot actually were weeds, but I found so many flowers I loved. If you'ld like to see what I found, here's my list of all my "wildflower discovery" posts here:


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  2. I call them flowers. Resiliant and beautiful just like us:)

  3. I received an inspirational e-mail once that had a line that really resonated with me - "A plant is a weed only within a certain context; one person’s weed is another person’s wildflower."

  4. I personally think they're beautiful :)

    And hey, if a person takes enjoyment out of them and wants to call them a flower, what's the harm?!

  5. OG - These ARE sunflowers, not mini sunflowers. These are the sunflowers that are our state flower.

    "Whereas, Kansas has a native wild flower common throughout her borders, hardy and conspicuous, of definite, unvarying and striking shape, easily sketched, molded and carved, having armorial capacities, ideally adapted for artistic reproduction, with its strong, distinct disk and its golden circle of clear glowing rays—a flower that a child can draw on a slate, a woman can work in silk, or a man can carve on stone or fashion in clay; and

    "Whereas, This flower has to all Kansans a historic symbolism which speaks of frontier days, winding trails, pathless prairies, and is full of the life and glory of the past, the pride of the present, and richly emblematic of the majesty of a golden future, and is a flower which has given Kansas a world-wide name, 'the Sunflower State'; therefore, "Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas

    "Section 1, That the helianthus or wild native sunflower is hereby made, designated and declared to be the state flower and floral emblem of the State of Kansas."


  6. I love your weeds! We let many "weeds" of all sorts grow along our driveway. The bees and other insects just love them. Our honey bees especially enjoy thistle flower, and as hateful as that plant can be, we leave it for the girls. I must say, you have some of the prettiest weeds I've ever seen :)

  7. I too think they are beautiful. Years ago I would pick them and display them in my home.....my neighbors called them trash.....to me they were treasures.

  8. Every time I see sunflowers I think of Kansas. It almost brings forth a setting that is peaceful, colorful, and inviting. I have seen so many scenarios like that during my travels around the western counties. Your photos bring back those very pleasant memories and emotions. Thanks for doing that. It is indeed worthy of it's title: the State Flower. Great work here. EFH

  9. I love those kind of flowers,they are happy surprises that make a day brighter. I would love a vase full of those kind of flowers then a dozen roses. I'm not a rose person.I like saving seeds to see what I can grow from a vase full of mixed flowers/weeds. :)