Two Keets Left

The one I saved yesterday is on the right.
#2 is behind him.

Solution to secure brood light.
Who cares about the stupid windowsill.

P.S.  The remaining eggs will continue to incubate through Sunday.
If nothing happens, then I guess nothing is going to happen.
Sunday will be day 28, max days for guineas.

So 2 may be all we get.


  1. What's the scoop on the other eggs?

  2. it's always hard to lose a baby animal. I am sad when one of our little bunnies falls out of the nest box. In the first couple of weeks of life , they do not have enough fur to keep warm without the warmth of their siblings and will die of exposure. good luck with your other two, momma hen :)

  3. So sorry! Good luck with the other 2 and perhaps a new hatchling.

  4. They look great. So sorry about the one you lost :( That sounds like my darn luck. Your fix was right up my alley too. I've enjoyed following the keets story! :) -Tammy

  5. So sorry to read that you lost one of the babies. Good luck with these two cuties. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you add to the group by Sunday!