Pond Shrinks While Chickens Grow

We are rapidly losing the pond to our ongoing drought.

If it dries up completely, we may look into options for some
heavy equipment to expand the pond boundaries and depth.

You can see how high it has reached on the sides in the past,
and we have lost much at the northwest end.

 In the meantime, the chickens are growing like weeds!

Hard to believe they are only 10 weeks old!
Another 12 weeks and there might be eggs.


  1. And we've had too much rain here. The ground is just now drying out enough for us to be able to drive our rig onto job sites without getting hopelessly stuck.
    My little chicks are growing like crazy too. They're at that raggedy stage right now. It's been so hot lately that they're spending more and more time in their little chicken yard. They love it! They run out and then back in (to their henhouse ☺). Sometimes all in a group! So cute. Honestly...who needs tv?
    Have a wonderful day. And hope you get some much needed rain.

  2. Hiya Ms. Susan! It's been so long since I've stopped by. I hope all is well with your crew even though Ringo's pond is shrinkin'. Which makes me wonder, is Ringo still on his diet and is HE shrinkin' too? We had a family picnic recently and I heard several comments about how I have "filled out" I don't think I'm too fat yet but Mom took note of their comments. Geesh-she acts like I'm a chow hound or sumpthin'!

    Anyway, it's good to see your bright shinin' face and I hope you get some rain soon to fill the pond back up and get the dust offa those pretty chickens.

    Woofs and slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  3. Wow! Talk about two separate happenings-While I hope you guys get some rain to fill that lovely pond of yours, I'm really happy to hear your chickens are doing so well!

    I can't wait for them to start laying eggs-There is nothing that compares to fresh, organic eggs xD

  4. wOw! The chickens have gotten so big! And pretty :) Soon you'll be basking in the glory of home grown eggs. Yay! I hope you get some rain soon. I hope we do, too! (((hugs)))

  5. Sorry to hear about your water problems there. I think we have gotten the Plains' states water allottment the past few months--it has rained and rained here.

  6. Lack of rain is not usually a problem for me :)
    Hope you get some soon

  7. Hmmm...I'm surprised you're that dry. With all the water moving through rivers here, a lack of water seems odd!

  8. Hi Susan!
    This drought is sure wreaking havoc isn't it. We don't have a pond yet but our grass is dying and I'm going to have to water the lilac groves or I'm afraid we're going to loose some areas. I think you may be getting some storms tonight..we've got warnings but the radar shows the rain heading your way. Here's hoping we all et a little wet stuff over night. Your chickens are really looking good...won't be long now until you're enjoying some fresh eggs! One of our hens just hatched 4 eggs...she lost 4 but that's ok. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday..don't work to hard ok! Take care.
    Maura :)

  9. I share your pain with the drought. Every rain cloud seems to bypass Central Texas. Dominecker? Is that what kind of chicken that is?

  10. Sorry about the pond. Sure hope you get rain soon. The chickens are sure cute, though. Love that soft "Bawwwwwk" sound they make when they're content.:)

  11. Wouldn't it be nice if those areas of our country that have too much rain could re-direct it to those areas that truly need it? Same with the river waters like the Missouri and Mississippi rivers when they're overflowing their banks. If I could send you some rain Susan, I would!

    Can't believe how large those baby chickens are already! Wow! What are you feeding them? Mutant Ninja chicken feed? You'll be enjoying a lot of fresh eggs SOON! Very cool!

    Sending you wishes for a full pond and tasty chicken eggs. :-)