Country Dreamin'

Maybe this post could be more appropriately titled "Country Meditations", or "My Bucket List". Or even more simply, "I'm Getting Old". Or better yet, "Posting Because I Haven't Been Diligent On Posting".

Ok, so it's a post about all the above things.  Sort of.  If it's incoherent and rambling, suffice it to say you've been warned beforehand.

At any rate, here I go with a motley assortment of questions and thoughts that have been running rampant through my brain since I turned 50 in December....

Why am I working two jobs?
Simple answer: To get out of debt.
More complicated answer: To get out of debt and live some dreams.

How long will I continue to work two jobs?
I dunno. I wish I had the answer to this question.

So, what are my dreams since I don't have as much of life to live said dreams?
There really is no simple answer to this question.

Of course, there are simple, easily accomplishable dreams, e.g., a trip to the fantastically beautiful Pacific coast to visit family. 

From left:
ny niece, brother, sister-in-law, me, my sister and brother--in-law

A winter trip to Yellowstone ~ I've been wanting to make this trip for many years now.  I've been to Yellowstone 3 or 4 times in the summer, but I would love to see its breathtaking snowy beauty.  Even better ~ to combine a winter trip to Yellowstone with a photography class!

Then there are more difficult-to-attain dreams, such as getting a tractor to work our property, grow our own hay, have a much larger garden with more variety, maybe even have our own small CSA someday.

Then there are the real pie-in-the-sky dreams, such as getting a really good roping horse for the hubby, sending him to a fantabulous roping school in Texas for a few weeks and then travelling the team roping circuit. Yeah, that one's a tough one, primarily because it involves many dollars.

But I also know there is no such thing as an impossible dream.  Never say never....

Who would have ever thought that I would be living in the Kansas outback on 27 acres?  Perhaps that wasn't a conscious dream of mine -- I never thought "hey, I want to live in Kansas", but here I am, and ever so happy that I have this little piece of paradise to come home to every single day.  I think it helps make working two jobs just a tad more bearable.

So I'll keep working my two jobs as long as I can to pay off as much debt as possible and build some savings toward our dreams.  I'll remind myself to grab a little bit of "me" time everyday before I head off to work -- whether that "me" time is posting on my blog, visiting a few friends' blogs, spending time with our dogs and cats and horses and guineas, or playing with my new video recorder or my camera.  Photography is still my first love but I've had precious little time to indulge in that hobby lately.

So, what are your dreams?  

Are you taking steps to make some of your dreams happen?


  1. Now I want to go to Yellowstone.

  2. I can't seem to find even one job, our dreams have been put on hold for the time being. Yellowstone is on my list of places I want to see. Maybe someday.

    Take care of yourself and don't work too hard.

  3. dreams are wonderful...and it takes hard work to reach them sometimes...remember to take a little me time now and then...

  4. Hey...I must have missed something..two jobs??? Getting out of debt is absolutely the most important has definitely been our saving grace not owing anybody anything!...makes all those years living below our means worth it! My dream is still to have my portable store "Ain't for City Gals" trailer ready to roll this summer...looking good (cross by fingers) You could combine two of your dreams..hubby do rodeo do the photos...and you could sell your doggie treats at the rodeos!...good to go...take care...think about you and your dreams often...glad to see you way of keeping the dream alive, I think...

  5. I admire you for working so hard to clear your debt, it'll be worth it. I also want to go to Yellowstone, never been and it's a dream because of photography too. I achieved a few of mine this year, citizenship and starting a photography business, so I'm done for while :-) Love the picture of your family!

  6. I admire your hard-work and grit! I started working a second p/t job several years ago to put my son through University. Now, I can't give up that extra income so I hear ya! Never enough 'me' time. Rest assured, you're not alone and I am a BIG TIME dreamer. It's what keeps me going everyday, the prospect of what if .... xox

  7. My dream is to visit every single state in the US. I've always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby and a NY Yankees Baseball game. But until then, I'll just wish for lots of little mini get aways. I hope your dreams come true.

  8. Dreams and wishes -- I feel a post developing! I have some of your same feelings - I love the place I call home - nice to go on getaways but I love coming home! Hmmmm maybe I will do a post....

  9. First, let me say, you don't look 50 AT ALL. Not even a little. You look wonderful. And second, you are living your dream. That is so much more than most people can say. It may not be perfect..... yet..... but you are living it. And you are smart to work hard to pay off the debt. And yes, every day as you head out to work, you can grab a little piece of "you" time, in your paradise, and take it with you. To draw on, to invigorate you, and to remind you of what you are working for. It won't always be this hectic. And isn't it better to live in your own paradise and know for a fact what you are working towards? So many don't have that fortune. You are one lucky lady. (((hugs))) PS - we need pics of the farm animals :)

  10. Oh, and I forgot to mention, you take some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. They take my breath away.

  11. I love Yellowstone. Would love to go back someday.
    I have many dreams, but I doubt any of them will happen for me. At least not anytime soon!
    Working a second job is tough, I did that once and I will never do that again!
    May all your dreams come true!

  12. You go girl! And what a beautiful family you have!!
    We are on hold until J graduates from school next year. It has been a loooong two years since he decided to go back to school and add to his first degree. I do know it will be worth it and I am excited for our future! But, geeeeeez. Sometimes it seems as if it has been forever!
    xo, misha

  13. Belated Happy Birthday! So being 50 is cause for all this keep working on that debt!

    I am not sure traveling I think..staying home..I am always torn between the two..and get restless.:)

  14. 50 gets better and better!!

    The best feeling is working on the debt and look back and say "wow, i actually have accomplished my dreams."
    We all need "me" time. Proceed!!! :)

  15. Keep working on getting your debt paid off. You'll get there and feel such a sense of accomplishment when you do.

    My dream is to one day visit the UK.

  16. You go girl...I'm one who still believe that dreams CAN and DO really come true!!!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous week sweetie!!!

  17. the trick is to make the jobs into fun time - you're just the person to do that Suz

  18. I have one dream. No. Two! One dream is to make better photos, and I'm working on that. It might take some years though... *sigh*
    The other one is to get my horse in a relaxed mode again. Working on that too. She's a bit too skippy sometimes. It must be the thoroughbred blood and her hormones. I can relate. About the hormones that is.
    Ooo, I have another dream. Dream number three. That Evie will turn out to be the coolest horse ever! To ride I mean. She'll be two in April, so we have some time to go to find out if she will be ;-)

    Good luck with your dreams. May they all come true.