A Garden, A Kitty and Some Strawberry Jam

Thursday July 1, 2010

Tuesday July 6, 2010

Hard to believe what a difference only 5 days can make.  You can see the cucumbers have spilled out into the open spaces on either side of them (top, 3rd row from right).  Looks like we'll be getting cukes in the next few weeks or so, as there are yellow flowers sprouting everywhere.

Tomato and pepper plants are growing like crazy, and the radishes (row next to the tomato plants, left side of garden) are ready to be picked faster than we can eat them... and since I'm not a radish fan, that means they are getting sliced up into hubby's salad.  I picked about two dozen radishes last week and took them to work, but there's a fresh new batch just waiting to be picked right now.  Once the radishes are finished, we'll be putting in lettuce. YUM.

And here are some new pics of the kitten... she is growing so fast, as kittens do.  And she has NO FEAR of any of our dogs.  She loves playing with all 3 of them, but seems to favor Tori, probably because Tori reciprocates.  The kitten loves to run under the bed, and then lay upside down, halfway out from under the bed, grabbing Tori's nose and face, and batting at her.  It's absolutely hysterical to watch.  (And difficult to photograph!)

She is still quite nameless.  We contemplated Molly, but then decided not to use that name, as my son and daughter-in-law may still use that name for a future baby.  So we're not sure what we're going to name her now... any suggestions??!

How's this... if you suggest a name for the kitteh, and we use that name, I will send you one jar of my strawberry jam!

I hope that everyone is having a lovely summer so far... we've still got two more months of heat to endure.  Then my favorite season... autumn!!


  1. Hello Susan! You're garden is looking great...yes what a difference a few days can make! I hope you had a good 4th of July and that you didn't have to work the whole time. Aww your kitty looks so cute and I know what you mean about photographing kittens and dogs playing...mine are usually just a blur. OHHH MYYY I'd love to have some of your delicious strawberry jam on a scone with clotted cream (if I could find some). I'm putting my thinking cap on and seeing what I can come up with.

    Twinkle (she has sit in her eyes)

    I'll keep thinking. Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday Maura :)

  2. I'm looking at her and the spirit moves me to say that her name is "Peaches."

  3. How about Dotty (or Dottie)??

  4. When do you have time to put up strawberry jam with your job and all the things you do at your home? I am impressed.

  5. Oh both garden and kitty cat look great. What about Cheeky or Perky. She looks like she is ;-) (No need to send me jam, although I'm sure it tastes yummy, even if you do choose one of my suggestions - very unlikely, I've seen lots of other great names.)

  6. I was going to suggest Oz or Ozzie, until I remembered she's a she kitty! So, never mind!
    How about Zazzle, Dazzle, or Misty?

    Love the garden, and it is amazing how all of a sudden one day or week they take off, just when you've decided that something is wrong! We've been so hot and dry here that everything has gone into survival mode, especially the flowers.

    And yes, how DO you find time to make strawberry jam???!!!

  7. Oh my! You know I love to name things. How about Daisy

    Bring on FALL!!!

  8. Wow, you have quite the green thumb there Miss! We have our little pots outside on the front porch, but I can't take much credit with those because my sister did all the work. Lol

    That cat is just too darn cute! I'm partial to the name Florence (Flo for short), but she also looks like a Mia.

    I can't wait to hear the final decision xD

  9. your garden looks great...cute little kitty...how about Jazzy...we had a little kitty with that name....

  10. You could name her Strawberry Jam! Call her Berry or Jammers. Jams.

    Hope you're having a great summer.

  11. Hi Susan. Being that she loves Tori so much, why not call her Lori. Just a thought. Give all your "kids" hugs and kisses from me.

  12. Yep, I was thinking jam, too! Since you will always remember that you were making Jam. We have a barn kitty named Jam :)

    Or how about Lily? 'Cause she is Lily white!
    Garden looks awesome. You must be watering the heck out of it! We have had NO rain in weeeeks..
    Our pastures are parched :(

    Hope the position is going well! I think of you often, Susan! xo, misha

  13. Heya, suz . . .
    What time did YOU get to bed last night? I finally crashed before 1 a.m. and left my other guests in the living room! Thanks for the laughs.

    As far as the kitten goes, I also, along with Carolina, thought "Perky." But before that I thought "Spunky." "SPOT" might, also, serve as a moniker. She's cute as the Dickens . . . "Little Sh!t" might work, too. ;) (I'm sure that Tori thinks that one is most appropriate.)

  14. i am thinking Jam or Lily toooo!! for the new kitty on the big block

  15. Ok Susan, how about Kit-teh? You already named her and didn't even know it.

    Andy had a dog and her name was Dio-ggie, (spelled dog) but how it came out it sounded french.
    I liked Lily too, that was suggested from "my front porch.

  16. The garden is lovely...it's great to see everything taking off! What's your secret to the weedless look? It's a daily job to keep the weeds smaller than the plants! Hmmm, kitty names...Tilly has always been a favorite of mine.

  17. Garden looks fantastic!!! I heard a name I really liked a few days ago: Echo ???

  18. How about Toto?

    Did you experience the storm that came through on Monday? I drove through the Toll Gate and thought about you. Hope your work is going well!

  19. Yep, I DID experience that storm... I was the "rover", the person who gives breaks to the other collectors, so needless to say my raincoat got a good workout. :-)

  20. Your garden looks WAY better than ours! Ours has been drowning in all the rain/storms.

    For kitty names, I look at her and think Bit (as in little bit) or Snip.

  21. Oooh! Shilo or Josie!! Your kitty looks like it could be related to my kitty!! Almost identical! We named ours Angel, for one because we thought he was a she, and he just showed up out of nowhere at our doorstep. The garden looks great and so does that jam!! Have you got a recipe for that or is it a secret? :)

  22. I'll go for 'Woofles' since she loves the dogs so much!

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  24. Your garden looks great! I'm so excited because our cukes and *parts* of our garden, look better than in many years. Good thing as I was starting to give up on veggie gardening.

    Your kitty is adorable. We have a kitteh who could almost be her twin. I rescued her from the parking lot at work about 4 yrs ago I think. I named her Chyna after the female wrestler, because she was a little fighter :) -Tammy

  25. Smudge...looks like an ink smudge on her back. Just look at that weedless garden!

  26. hmmm, she looks like a Betty White to me....