Meet Your Blog Sisters When You Have the Chance!

I finally had the opportunity to meet, in person, one of the wonderful women I've met through blogging. Linda of Crone and Bear It was on my route to Ohio on September 11, so we decided to meet at a local Panera for a cup of coffee. What a fun couple of hours we spent chatting it up and laughing! She is the most awesome person - as funny and warm in person as she is on her blog! We lost track of time, and several hours later I had to tear myself away, as I still had 3 hours of driving time left.

It would have been so easy for me to breeze on past where she lives, in my hurry to get to Akron and family. But I've really been trying to rethink this bad habit of "hurrying" -- I mean WHY? Why are we always in a hurry? Why do we never slow down and appreciate everything around us, including the people who are in our lives? I find that it becomes this nasty habit. We are always in a hurry, and if we stop and ask ourselves why, sometimes we will find there truly is no reason to be in this hurry.

And so I've been trying to catch myself every time I find I'm in a hurry - to get to my destination, or to get home, or to get through the checkout line at the store. When there's a long line at the store, I ask myself "am I in a hurry?" Usually, I'm not, and then to take it one step further, I've even been letting the person behind me in line go first. That makes me feel good, esp if it's an older person who maybe can't stand as long, or someone with about a thousand items less than me.

My new philosophy is working quite well - I've also met a new friend here in KS, only because I took the time to stop by her house one night after work a few weeks ago. I stopped by again on Tuesday, and we went to lunch on Weds with several of her other friends, so now I've met even more great people!

So, 10 pictures later, this was the result after propping my camera on my car. The first few were of our smiling middles. No faces. We laughed some more. My camera didn't seem to be connecting with the remote (see goofy pic below, of me being annoyed with the camera). We finally got it right though!

Linda, I am SO glad we took the time to meet, it was so wonderful to chat with you. If I hadn't needed to get to Akron, I'm sure they would have found us eating dinner at Panera!


  1. That is so awesome. I would love to meet some of my blogging friends. Also, amen to slowing down. I've been thinking alot about why people are in such a hurry lately too. It seems that most of us are always rushing around and so we never really enjoy the things that we should.

    Great post and it's nice to hear about you having fun with one of your blogging friends.

  2. It's wonderful to meet blogging friends! I love those pictures! I bought a remote so we could have complete family pictures for my parents' 50th anniversary in June. Some hilarious shots evolved! :) -Tammy

  3. I need to adopt your new philosophy to slow down. I catch myself doing the same thing. It's nice that you were able to stop and meet a blog friend. I need to invest some time to making a few new friends! Have a great weekend.


  4. I've also been trying to take time to "smell the roses." The last time I drove across the state to Kansas City I pulled a few miles off the interstate to a small town for lunch. It was worth the time. Now if I could just get over my reluctance to post pictures of myself! You go, girl!

  5. Wait a minute!! Did you just get inside Mom's head and see what she's thinkin'???
    She couldn'ta said it better if she woulda said it herself!
    (My opinion is that you said it much better!)

    Great post with great pictures!
    Chester ;0=)

  6. Great post and pictures!
    Glad you were able to meet a fellow blogger!!
    Take care

  7. How cool that you two were able to meet in person and that you've both made new friends wityh one another.

    LOL! And the pics, especially that last one cracked me up. I can tell you are a humorous, light-hearted gal to be able to poke fun at your self. Those a terrific traits to have. :)


  8. Hi sweetie! I'm so glad we met in person - I felt like I didn't just have a friend, I had a sister! It was wonderful spending those hours with you and I love your idea of slowing down - that's what I'm doing when school ends in 2 weeks - I'm gonna take some time to enjoy life instead of keeping my head in books and stressing over stupid tests. Love ya, mean it! Hugs! Linda

  9. Sounds like a fun meeting and time well spent in getting to meet a fellow blogger. Enjoy your weekend....

  10. That is so great!! I can't believe how many fabulous ladies I have met through blogging in such a short time, and I look forward to meeting them all some day.
    Love the pics! : )

  11. Wow, that's fantastic!! I had no idea you all met. I guess I've been out of the loop since I'm on bloggy hiatus. I hope we meet soon and I KNOW we'll get along just fine. :) Can't wait!

  12. Sounds like great fun. If you ever get down Austin way -- would enjoy meeting you. But, just shoot my feet in the picture. Okay?

  13. That is so neat you got to meet up with a blogging friend!
    I have met one blogger, who just so happened to talk me into adopting a wild Mustang! She is so great, and I love everything she does for the wild horses. Plus we get to go trail riding together from time to time. I have also emailed a few other bloggers about meeting up for trail riding, which hasn't happened yet, but I do see it in the future!
    I hate being in a hurry. I think working with the public for 18 yrs really made me appreciate to live every day for what it is, and there is no reason to hurry. How the public changed my perception of that, is by how rude people are, the ones that are always in a hurry. They can be so nasty, rude, inconsiderate, and I never want to be that way. I do find my OH being in a hurry a lot, and I am always trying to slow him down.

  14. Love these pix. Especially the one of you trying to get the camera to respond to the remote!

    It's always fun to meet new people, isn't it? And it's hard to slow down and take the time, but you did it. Yay for you! :)

  15. It is wonderful to meet fellow bloggers, I have met several that are local..that I never would have met except for blogging! If you are ever in Northern Minnesota give me a holler!
    I am glad you are meeting some other people too, it takes awhile when you are new to an area! :)