Pond Walk

Last night, I did abdominal exercises using the P90X series. Ugh. Let me just say I felt as if I could vomit after 30 minutes of extremely intense ab moves ... and since I haven't worked out in at least 2 years, I really felt this workout. Only 30 minutes, but towards the end I could barely make the moves. I am really feeling it today!

I will say that after a week of eating right - no fast food, very limited processed food, and lots of fruits and some veggies - I feel so much more energetic, already! It's amazing how the crap we eat can sap our energy.

Tonight, I was going to work out my arms using free weights, but then switched gears at the last minute. It's only 88 degrees here in Kansas (yes, that's cool for us this time of year!), so I grabbed my camera and Ringo and I headed for a walk around the pond. Hey, walking is good exercise and in spite of the "cool" temps, I still worked up a good sweat!

Update: I lied. I went out to hubby's shop and dodged the wasps to retrieve some 7 lb hand weights, and I still did my arm workout (in the house!), in addition to my walk around the pond. I feel very accomplished tonight now. :-)

I think the intricate parts on this wasp are amazing...
and to think how easily we squash them!

Click the photo to enlarge and see detail

There are lots of sunflower varieties growing wild
around the pond and in the pastures

Ringo... smelling the flowers

And finally...Murphy grazing contentedly under a big, blue Kansas sky


  1. I'm so proud of you. Keep it up and you'll be fit as a fiddle in no time. Oh crap, I sound like my Grandma.

  2. As usual, awesome pics. Ringo is a cutie. You should frame the picture of Murphy. It's a keeper for sure!
    Your workout routine sounds heavy-duty. I give you so much credit. I could never stick to a plan like that. I helped unload 200 bales of straw today...that was my workout today!!LOL

    Have a great week! Misha

  3. I cant wait until it cools down here so I can get my butt outside! I just love going for walks! I agree with you on the eating. I have been eating really well and even though I havent been sleeping great my energy has been awesome!

  4. I love walking around our property, especially when the dogs get to tag along! It is good exercise and very refreshing!

  5. Lovely pictures - that lake looks like a very relaxing place to be.

    And good luck with the healthy eating and exercising!

  6. These are lovely pictures - I just love sunflowers!
    Glad you are doing well with the eating and exercise - walking is great exercise as Ringo will agree!
    Keep up the good work - you are inspiring me!!

  7. Great pond walk! Thanks for sharing with us. Ringo is just too cute!!
    Hope the healthy eating and exercise continues to go well for you!!

  8. Great job! And wonderful photos! -tammy

  9. Beautiful shots and congrats on keeping up with your health plan...

  10. Nice wasp! I'd still squish him though :)

  11. nice pictures and nice post. You commented on the food (I think you wrote crap) we eat.

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  12. It seems Ringo has a great time on the walks as well. Thirty minute ab torture--go you go!

  13. Keep up the good work there Susan! No pain, no gain right?
    That wasp picture was very interesting. I was very interested in a locust this morning. There were 2 but after I was done, there was only 1. You oughta give one a try, lots of protein which is good for you too.
    Tell Ringo-Hey Dude!
    *Mom loves how he sleeps with his head propped in the doorway.
    Chester ;0=)

  14. I swear every time you take a photo you're thinking 'how can I make Toni feel jealous today' lol. Go you on exercising!

  15. Way to go with keeping on the exercise program! Your macros are really beautiful & Murphy un the pasture...eye candy to me!

  16. YOU ROCK! Keep up the great job. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling good!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  17. "I went out to hubby's shop and dodged the wasps to retrieve some 7 lb hand weights, and I still did my arm workout (in the house!), in addition to my walk around the pond."

    You have made me feel extremely guilty for the Whataburger I had for dinner. Keep up the good work.

  18. Aren't insects just amazing creatures when you look at them up close? Great photo of the wasp... mine always come out a bit fuzzy so kudos to you!

    FYI, the Blue Ridge Gal is now known as Snappy Finger... stop by when you get done lifting weights tonite.. hee hee


  19. Love the photos, especially the wasp.