My Town Shoot Out: Animals in My Backyard

It is "My Town" shoot out day, where both professional and amateur photographers show off the best of their towns. The theme this week is animals that live in your part of town. If you are new to this concept, and want to join us next week, check out Patty's or Reggie Girl's blogs for more information.

Here is some wildlife that is native to our area of Kansas; there are many more that my camera has not captured yet. We have many raptors in our area: American Kestrel, Common Nighthawk, and the Red-tailed Hawk, just to name a few. Someday, oh someday, I hope to grab some great photos of these awesome raptors!

Eastern Meadowlark

Barn Swallows

Pheasant (click to enlarge)

Ducks on our pond

Ducks in flight

Wild Turkey

Other birds native to our area: Eastern Bluebird, Great Blue Heron, Greater Prairie Chicken, Loggerhead Shrike, Northern Bobwhite, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, and Upland Sandpiper

White-tailed Deer (click to enlarge)

Coyote (click to enlarge)


Other indigenous mammals: Pronghorn, Bobcat, Raccoon, Opossum, Armadillo, Badger

Ornate Box Turtle

Cottonwood Borer


Cattle in neighboring pasture


Baybee, our fearless indoor cat

Barack, and his mom Fluff, our barn cats

Trixie Lou, our couch cuddlebug

Tori Mae, champion frisbee catcher

The boyz, lovely pasture decorations...ok, they are rode occasionally!

Ringo the rat catcher


  1. Wow, I have not seen one of those Boorers in years. When I was little and growing up in Oklahoma, those used to scare the stinkers out of me--thanks for the scary flashback.

  2. very Interesting critters, I have the worst time capturing takes patience! You did really great..of course Trixie and Tori are probably my favorites! :)

  3. You did a lot of work capturing pics of all those critters. I'm so impressed.

    How is the single life going? many more days???

  4. Wow! Look at you! You caught many great animals and birds! Those Meadowlarks can be difficult! I love the locust!

  5. Love all the wildlife (and not-so-wild life) here. I miss the country. The meadowlark was especially nice. I miss driving on a country road and hearing them as I drive by. Great shots.

  6. Suz: Wonderful nature captures, loved the Meadowlark. We certainly have the same taste in music. I love ballads best.

  7. Hey, thanks for your comments on my blog..
    I just caught that (Tori Mai-champion frisbie catcher)that look!! so come back when you have a minute and check this out for laughs- Have a good evening-

  8. That's quite a number of residents in your backyard :)

  9. I took photos of animals all day today and they were not nearly as cooperative as yours are. Great photos. Glad the snow has melted and you have electricity again.

  10. That's a whole lot of critters. I like your dogs and cats.

  11. Both our nicks might confuse some people we've got something to do with Australia. ;)

  12. I just love your pictures and our barn swallows has just started on their first round of eggs too :)

  13. You have some wonderful wild life shots. The meadowlark is a great capture.I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for the visit...I'm in Dayton. You were NE Ohio, I am SW.

  14. Very nice, I am impressed you got as close as you did to the coyote, I only ever see them disappearing ovver the horizon!

  15. Great pictures! Thanks for posting them for us.

  16. Great pics. Reggie asked me to do the shoot-out but I never think my photography skills are good enough. You've done a great job. But the bugs....ick. Love the other critters tho.

  17. No bunnies? The little ones are so cute in the spring, chasing each other like kittens but jumping waaaaay up in the air!

    When is the big locust year in your area? How many years do they hibernate? I remember the summer of 94 was crawling with them!

    You probably get Monarchs down your way, don't you?

  18. We have the Western Meadowlark here. And you even got a nasty Cotton bug. I have never been able to get a Coyote. Every time I see one, (or a fox) I have the darn luck of not having my camera with me!


  19. I enjoyed your animal pics. I read about your snow, too. Is the electricity restored in your whole area? Has the snow melted? I wasn't sure when these pics were taken. I have a link in my sidebar with posts I've done on wildlife in my yard, but it looks too late to connect to the place you did.

    Thanks for your comment on my tree house post.

  20. OH!!!!!!!! It's just so hard to choose a favorite Oz Girl.....but of course, it's down to your kitty's, pups and horses, lol.
    Thank you for joining us. Sorry I'm so behind in my commenting. I have definately been reading. I've just been pretty tired feeling lately due to the meds :)
    Thank you for joining Friday Shoot-Outs. You're a joy :)
    Take good care and......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  21. Oh how gorgeous! Thanks a lor for these wonderful images! Love: Evi

  22. What fantastic photos! I love all your furry friends. Your horses are beautiful and your dogs are super.

  23. Great pix (except for the insects - ick!)