It's a New Year!

Tom just left to get me some milk..... I ran out of milk yesterday and we kept waiting for the satellite dish guys to get here, you know, the 12-5 p.m. window thing..... well, they didn't get here until 5:30-ish and didn't leave until 7:30-ish and by the time we got on the road to get my milk, it was terribly foggy! Not worth the risk to drive 20 miles for milk so we headed back home, which of course made me pissy for a lil bit... those who know me, know that I CANNOT be without my milk!! I'm ok now.... lol.

But while I'm waiting for Tom to get back (with some McD's breakfast too!), I headed outside to get some early morning pics. Some are from yesterday too. Just got my new David Busch's Guide to the Nikon D60, so I will be learning many new things about my camera over the next few weeks. :)

Round bales of hay in field behind our pasture

Ringo, the famous lounge rat

Ringo and Boogie just hangin' out

Shiny chrome vs old & weathered

Rural route

Kansas pasture near pond dam

Sunrise as fog burned off

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  1. I like your photos..your & cat (nice profile on the trailer) are so cool..I don't Know what we'd do without these amusing furry creatures! That header pic is nice too-