My First Kansas Snow

Same scene as one at top of my blog.... big difference from summer to winter!

Paint horse and Murphy -- the cold doesn't seem to bother them much -- really they're fine, I know Murph looks sad but he's just really good at the sad look. :-)

Looking down our road toward "main" road, which you can't even see.

And you thought only Ohio could have 4 seasons in the space of a few days!!! No, I think Kansas does it even better.

We hit 68 degrees yesterday, just one degree shy of the record 69 in 1918. Today is 26 degrees with blowing snow, 2 to 4 inches forecast, and a wind chill of 10 degrees. And I've got the frozen photographer's fingers to prove it right now! It's a challenge just to type this.

By this weekend, we will be back up in the 60s. The snow will be gone by tomorrow, no matter how much accumulates today. I guess this is what I will learn to love about Kansas, and not miss about Ohio!

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